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Creative timeline infographic elements layout with various web and social media icons on white background

Free Online Template says that the timelines are the first information graphics in the history of the world as it includes collective of data such as life period, achievement, etc. The timeline also says the story of great people, ancient days, great emperors and so on. In that way, it will be very helpful for everyone to know about the things and to understand it easily in a quick manner. This template is going to discuss the timeline infographic and also let you how to create it. It is a flexible medium of information that allows everyone to understand in a simple as well as easy manner.


How To Create Timeline Infographic?

Timeline infographic is a method used to display events or to convey some information to others. Before creating a timeline you have to think of two points that are included in the following such as timeline format and the visual hierarchy. this template will provide you information to create a timeline infographic and to make it more powerful and popular among the readers. The templates of this session will provide you the steps that are needed for creating timeline infographic and the steps are as follows.

Make A Plan:

First, think about the utilization of the timeline and for what purpose you are going to use this timeline. Moreover, the infographic designers will always combine the timeline infographic and the traditional infographic to make it more readability for the readers so that they understand it easily.


Select A Layout:

Before selecting layout you have to choose the timeline format which is very important and based on your requirement you have to select the timeline. Mostly, the centered timeline is used in timeline infographic because it is more flexible.

Different Formats Of Timelines:

There are three formats available in the timeline and they are winding timelines or coiled timelines or centered timelines, vertical timelines and horizontal timelines.Coiled timelines will use the spaces available in an excellent way and in that manner, coiled timelines will be the perfect choice. The horizontal timelines don’t use the space effectively so it will not be suitable for text and it is mostly preferred for presentations as well as posters. Vertical timelines allow more space for the text and it is well suitable for reading on a mobile phone.


So according to your need you have to choose the timeline which is required for you.  If you want to do it for a blog which contains text as well as PPT templates then you can use multiple version such that you can easily able to read it on mobile phones. Using multiple versions you can optimize it in any kind of device. Also, remember that choosing right timeline is the most important while creating timeline infographic.

Add The Timeline:

After selecting the layouts you have concentrate on creating the timeline which is the actually need for timleine infographic. Mostly centered timelines are used in infographics because it provides more flexibility.


  • First select a line form the icon bar provided and drag the line to the center portion of the blank page. This line will be the connecting line for your timeline.
  • The next thing you have to do is to select the line width and you can select it from the “drop-down” menu.
  • Then select the format of the line such as dashed, solid or dotted. Based on your preference you can choose that.
  • After completing this, add the embellishments at the line end to look good.
  • Next select a color which will be suitable for your information and use that color to connect the lines.
  • After completing all these, lock the timelinw with the help of lock button to place it where you need. By locking the timeline you can avoid the motion of the timeline which may happen accidentally when you elements.
  • Another easy tip to create a good timeline is suggested which is to turn on the grid tool and the magnet tool. This will align the objects neatly on the page.
  • These are the backbones of your timeline and you can fill the details in it.


Add The Headers:

After adding the backbones to your timeline you have to add the headers to highlight specific points.

   By using the rectangular icon provided at the side menu, add the background for each point where you are going to place the header.

   Then, choose a color for the background of the header

   Next, lock the headers in its place.

   After placing the point headers, you can add the dates.

   After adding dates, the headers will be ready for your timeline


Add Text:

  • In order to add text in your timeline, select the text box provided in the side menu. After selecting the text box, place it on the page and adjust its placement according to your need.
  • Then add header and try to adjust the background of the header accordingly.
  • Then add the dates using strong or a bolded font.
  • Always make sure that headers, points, and dates are aligned evenly in the timeline. Also, ensure that you are leaving some negative space between every point so that the reader can feel easy to read.
  • With the help of the Group Button makes the header text, body text, and header shapes into a single element.


Add The Design Embellishments:

  • Once you have added all the text, you have to add the design embellishments.
  • Embellishments are the design elements which you can add in an extra manner and the extra elements include extra text, icons, images, etc.
  • You can add whatever you need at this point to make the readers understand easily. Make sure that the embellishments you are adding should never allow them to get distracted.

Make Readers To Follow Your Timeline:

It is very important to make your readers follow the timeline so that they can easily understand what you are going to convey regarding your business. So make sure that your template is having a start point and every timeline will have a starting point. It is good to have a starting point at the center of the top or at the left corner at the top. You can also add something which brings everyone attention towards it.

You have to mention the date for each point and you to visualize dates and descriptions in different hierarchy styles. If the date is more important for your timeline then make them in a large size than the description about the event and this is known as information layering. Every timeline infographic will include a visual line and no other icons or text should not destroy or overpower the line. This rule of not-interrupting is known as constancy principle and this principle allows the brain to understand the sense of the things.  Use the timeline infographic to let your readers understand the meaning in an easy as well as a simple manner.