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The World Health Day Background is a health awareness drive or programme which is celebrated globally on the 7th of April, every year. There are health awareness programmes at various destinations around the world. Hospitals provide free health check-ups to the people as a way to raise awareness about maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the year.

Many people even circulate free photo online about the importance of having good health and why should everyone have a full body check-up of themselves on a regular basis. These photos contain vectors, illustrations, and logos that give various messages and ensure that each and every person gets access to proper health services and hospital facilities. Every year, there are different themes according to the current happenings around the related to health and medical services.


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Templates are designed using free graphics resources that advise not only cleanliness but also promote healthier living habits that will help in increasing the life expectancy of the population from all around the world. There are various programs held by the government as well as non-government and private institutions depicting the importance of health in our lifestyle. Essay writing competitions, debates and art exhibition with the free online template are held at schools, colleges, and educational institutions.

The World Health Organisation is working towards building a better, more hygienic world and are constantly helping countries from all over the world to raise awareness related to prevention of diseases and the precautionary measures required. They provide with various ways in which you can lead a healthy and happy lifestyle just by doing very basic things like exercising and opting for a healthy diet.