Medical Invoice 20+ Free Sample Templates

20+ Free Sample Medical Invoice templates:

A medical invoice is just a bill, which is also used as a record of treatment. It offers an itemized breakdown of almost all medical services offered including their cost. In certain cases, a medical invoice can also indicate the due payment. As similar to other invoices, a medical invoice template should offer to identify information for both the client and the service provider, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and relevant management company information. An invoice template free must offer a detailed summary of every service provided, including:

• The billing rate and the total for all services
• A description of every visit, procedure, medications, and other invention supplied
• The subtotal due, total balance due, and taxes due
• The payment terms, including the penalties and due date for the payment
When it comes to billing, be sure to establish very clear procedures. Medical billing is really a taxing process and so, sticking to a standard process is always essential.

Free medical billing invoice template:

20+ Free medical billing invoice template

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The medical billing invoice sample lets the service provider write their company’s name, address, city, state, ZIP code, and its contact numbers at the top let. In the right corner, we give space for printing your company logo. Then, you need to enter the date and invoice number bolded in dark blue color. After that, you have to enter the client name and address followed by a tabular column that divides into several rows and columns for giving information about medication, description, and their cost. Just below the tabular column, you can put the grand total together with your signature in the space allotted for you.

Generic invoice medical and healthcare:

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The invoice features four different columns for entering the invoice number, invoice date, contact ID, and authorization number. Next, you have payment information where you need to enter payee name, payee number, GST registration number, the mailing address for payment, city, province, postal code, telephone number, and fax number. Following the payment information, you have service recipient information like service recipient last name, service recipient first name, date of birth, personal health number, date of injury and work safe BC claim number. At last, the medical invoice form allows you to give service information including date of service, fee code, description, medications, cost, and GST. Calculate the grand total in the given space.

Health care invoice template:

Health care invoice template

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The medical invoice format in excel is quite colorful, as we used different attractive colors to denote your services. At the top, you have a long row with a red background to enter your company name followed by your address and contact numbers. Then, you have to give the date and invoice number along with the client’s name. Next, we give four columns in different colors for signifying medications, charges, quantity, and also they’re grand total. The tabular column looks eyecatching because of the violet background we were given. We have also mentioned about accepting card payment and cheque together with its terms & conditions. Finally, the invoice ends by conveying your regards.

Healthcare invoice:

Healthcare invoice

Free Download Health Care Invoice

The Healthcare invoice template:

Free Download Health Care Templates

The medical invoice template features your service name and logo at the top. To the right, you have the term “invoice” bolded in red color. Then, you have to enter details such as invoice number, date, client name, and due payment. Now, the table has five different columns to enter details like medications, quantity, cost, and total. Finally, you have to enter payment method, bank account number, Paypal, and accepted card payment. This sample is very simple and easy to edit according to your requirements in the Health Industry. The white and red color combination makes it differ from other invoice samples.

Hospital invoice:

Hospital invoice

Free Download Hospital Invoice Template

It is one of the health templates that start with name and address of your company followed by a separate table for entering the client’s details like name, address, contact number, gender, and age. In the right corner, you have space for placing your business logo or slogan under which you have to enter the date, invoice number, and due date as well. The table has six columns and rows to give information about medication, quantity, and cost. Below the table, you have details like terms and conditions, tax, insurance claimed, and discounts offered. Finally, you have a long dedicated row to enter a total due amount in words along with your signature.

Hospital invoice template:

Hospital invoice template

Free Download Hospital Invoice

The invoice lets you enter essential details at the top including the company name, address, email id, and contact number together with invoice date, issue date, invoice number, and account number. The table contains several rows and columns to indicate the number of medications, amount, quantity, and balance. Just below the table, you have to enter tax details, discounts, and grand total. You also need to enter the payment method, card accepted, and Paypal address. At last, you have to enter the total due amount. The table has a combination of violet and white color, which looks quite beautiful on the whole.

Hospital invoice template:

Free Download Hospital Invoice

Free Download Hospital Invoice Format

This invoice is so exhilarating because of the bright colors we have used. The bold pink color at the top allows you to enter a company name, phone number, address, and email ID. The table has four columns with a green background setting where you have to enter a description, rate, quantity, and amount. Just below the table, you need to enter sub-total and tax values. Finally, enter the value of the grand total in the concerned space. At last, you have space allotted for giving notes about the client’s medication or procedure, terms and conditions of services offered, and signature of the manager.

Medical and Healthcare generic invoice:

Medical and Healthcare generic invoice

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The invoice looks very simple due to the black and white color combination. This sample is the generic and comprehensive invoice of medical and healthcare. First, you have to enter the invoice number, invoice date, customer id, and authorization number. Then, you need to submit payment information like payee name, payee number, mailing address, province, postal code, city, GST registration number, telephone, and fax number, which is then followed by service recipient information. These include service recipient name, date of birth, date of injury, and work safe BC number. Finally, you have to enter service information including medications offered, cost, and quantity.

Medical bill format:

Medical bill format

Free Download Medical Bill Format

The invoice begins with the information about the service company including its address and business contact number together with the company logo or slogan. Then, you have a table containing two columns and five rows in order to signify the client’s name, address, gender, age, and contact number. To the right of client’s details, you have to submit invoice date, invoice number, and due amount followed by a table where you have to include medications rendered, quantity, price, and amount. Just below the table, there are terms and conditions related to the company offering medical service. In addition, you would also enter the total due amount, insurance claim, discounts provided, tax, and tax rates.

Medical bill template:

Free Download Medical Bill Template

This invoice is quite different as it has both company and client details at the top including their name, street address, city, zip code, contact, and fax number. Just below, you have six columns and two rows where you need to enter patient, date of birth, weight, height, and date. Then, you have a large table containing information related to medications, a medical practice performed, rate, and total. In the end, we give you the chance to convey your regards to clients for making use of your service. The invoice is very simple with white background and letters bolded in black.

Medical expense invoice:

Free Download Medical Invoice Format

The invoice features details of your service like hospital name, department, date issued, insurance type, payment due date, hospital id no, and patient name as well. The medical expense invoice has a large table that contains many different rows and columns to denote first subsequent visit, admission charges, diagnostic procedure, medical supervision, home medical care, examinations, diagnostic imaging, medication, injections, rehabilitation, specified psychiatric treatment, medical treatment, surgery, blood transfusion, anesthesia, radiotherapy, pathological diagnosis, dental crown, and prescriptions based on insurance points and patient liability. Another table contains details about dietary therapy, documentation, delivery charges, extra room charges, and special medical care.

Medical Expense invoice template:

Free Download Medical Invoice Format

The sample looks just like medical expense invoice but with a colorful background. At the top, you have to enter your company information including its name, invoice date, insurance type, company id no, department, payment due date, and payee name. The Medical expense invoice template also has two large tables where you will find details like admission charges, medical supervision, examinations, home medical care, diagnostic procedure, medication, rehabilitation, specified psychiatric treatment, injections, blood transfusion, radiotherapy, anesthesia, dental crown, prescriptions, pathological diagnosis, and surgery. You would also be able to get information related to dietary therapy, delivery charges, documentation, special medical care, and additional room charges.

Medical expense invoice templates:

Medical expense invoice templates

Free Download Medical Invoice Templates

The medical expense invoice templates look very colorful as it has details like your company name, address, contact number, and email id at the top with an attractive background. Then, you have to submit payee name, address, invoice date, invoice number, and account number. The table contains four columns in green and violet combination to indicate item description, quantity, price, and total amount. The entire table is given in pink color whereas the grand total is highlighted from others using dark colors. The discount and tax details are mentioned in dark red color, which can easily be notified by the viewers.

Medical invoice:

Medical invoice

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The medical billing invoice template free looks quite simple with typical black and white background. At the top of the invoice, details like WBC claim number, personal health number, worker’s name, date of birth, address, mailing address, city, postal code, date of the accident, nature of the injury, part of body get insured, and the name of the referring physician, are offered. Then, you have a large table that provides information regarding the service offered by your organization. It includes the date of service, health care code, diagnostic code, modifier, skill code, calls, encounters, and fees submitted with the calculation of the total number. Another table contains details about your company including its name, contact number, address, facilities available, reference number, and contact ID.

Medical invoice generator:

Medical invoice generator

Free Download Medical Invoice Format

The invoice features the company name and contact address at the top together with its phone number. To the right corner, we give a small table containing the information including payee name, service date, and payment date followed by the address of the payee. Then, you have a tabular column that offers details like account number, previous balance, charges, payments, and the amount due from patients. The second table gives an account number, patient name, service date, and statement date. The third table contains five columns denoting dates, descriptions, charges, Est has coverage and payments. At last, you have a total amount calculation together with your signature.

Medical invoice template:

Medical invoice template download

Free Download Medical Invoice Template

The invoice is a comprehensive one by giving much more information regarding the service rendered and patient who receives the medical service from your company. The blue and white combination looks very attractive and eye-catching. Quite different from other invoices, it has patient details at the top including their name, member no, DEP code, date of birth, and gender followed by main member details. Then, you have service provider details such as the name of the clinic, consulting physician, liberty health provider number, treatment date, and duration of stay including the admission date and delivery date. Finally, a table gives information about medications and test renders together with its costs.

Medical invoice templates:

Free Download Medical Invoice Templates

The invoice features boxes to the top right to enter WBC claim number and personal health number followed by details like worker’s name, date of birth, mailing address, city, postcode, telephone number, gender, date of accident, part of body injured, nature of injury, and name of the referring physician. The table has eight different columns colored in dark brown to give details such as date of service, health service code, diagnostic code, modifier, skill code, calls, encounter, and fees submitted. The second table provides various details related to the service offered including dialing number, name, and address of the medical care organization, contact id, facility type, reference number, and much more.

Physician billing statement:

Physician billing statement

Free Download Medical Invoice Templates

The billing statement features a service provider’s name with email id and contact address at top of the left corner. To the right, you have invoice date and number together with customer name and id. Just below a table contains physician billing statement that includes invoice number, date, amount, and amount received followed by post history information on a monthly basis. Another table gives complete detail regarding current charges and previous bill of the physical check, energy check, laser treatment, and therapy offered together with its grand total. Finally, long dedicated row gives details about the amount paid followed by the signature of the service provider.

Medical Service charge invoice:

Medical Service charge invoice

Free Download Service Charge Invoice Template

The Medical service charge invoice feature logo of the service provider at the top and to the right, you have the company name, street address, city, zip code, phone, fax, and email details divided into several columns. Then, you will have information about service charges that include invoice number, date, customer Id, bed number, admission date, discharge date, and payee name and address. Finally, you will be able to receive a table for denoting medications offered, equipment used for treatment, amount, payment, and balance. We offer six columns and four rows, which can be customized as per your needs by adding additional rows or columns.