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6 Things to Know Before Creating Payslip for an Individual

Payslip is the one that predicts an employee payment and deals with other allowances including tax and insurance. Private Job payslip template available on the internet gives you more detail information about how to design a payslip. All employees working in a company have the right to entitle detailed payslip at or before the time of payment. This right only applies to people working as casual staff in a company. Either independent contractors or the freelancer cannot hold the authority of having a payslip.

Information in Payslip

If it is a management template, the template must contain both earning and deduction. The earning details include,
• Basic Pay
• Dearness Allowance
• House Rent Allowances
• Standing arrears
• Other Allowances
• Medical allowance

On the other side deduction includes,

1. Pension Fund(PF) – 12% of Basic Pay (applicable for an employee getting a salary above Rs. 6,500)
Example: Basic Pay- Rs.10,000
PF calculation : 12% of 10, 000 = Rs. 1,200
2. Employee State Insurance Corporation (ESI) – ESI is the one that has the deduction of 1.75% and 4.75% of Basic Pay
3. Accommodation Perquisites
4. Income Tax reduction
5. Loan and advance deduction

The above are the necessary things that a private job payslip template must contain. Along with these, they need the information from the employee side. Information like employee name, department, employee enroll number, pension fund number and bank account number.

Calculation of Net Pay salary

Free online template for payslip is over only when the total net pay salary is present. The calculation of salary goes on after getting gross earning and gross deduction amount. Consider gross earning as A and gross deduction as B. Then the net pay salary is,
A= Rs. 46,600; B= Rs. 8,000
Net salary Payable (A-B) = A- B = Rs. 38, 600
As a final of payslip, do not forget to give the salary amount in words.
Details of Payslip
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