27+ free Salary Slip Templates

27+ free Salary Slip Templates

A salary slip is nothing but a certificated issued to employees while receiving their salaries. The modest business document includes salary information about the employees like their wages, tax amount, some fees, national insurance contributions, pensions, allowances, overtime, and finally, the net amount reimbursed to the employees. In addition, a salary slip includes labor’s name, designation, the month of payment, and date of payment together with the signatures of both employees and employer.

A salary slip is essential for different purposes, as it would be portrayed as proof to new employees that their salary paid to them at any cause. An ideal salary slip format holds almost all the essential columns and details, which are crucial in salary management. Employees may need a salary slip while applying for a huge loan amount or even applying to a new company where the employer needs the salary slip as a reference to get an idea of salary that needs to be considered for the employee.

Private Job Salary Slip Format:

Payslip Template free download

Payslip Template free download

Free Download Private Job Salary Slip

The salary slip features four columns in total with two for earnings per month whereas the other two for deductions per month. The earnings column includes basic pay, dearness allowance, house rent allowance, all cash reimbursements, other allowances, LTA, medical, and arrears. The deductions column, on the other hand, constitutes PF, ESI, Income tax, professional tax, loans & advances, and prerequisites. There are also three separate rows that denote Gross Earnings, Gross Deductions Net Salary payable, and net salary payable. The format of the salary slip is designed in such a way to calculate the Gross Earnings and Gross Deductions automatically once you enter the Earnings and Deductions amount per month.

Salary Slip Format 20000:

Free Download Salary Slip Format

The 27+ salary slip has three dedicated rows as header denoting Gross salary, the total number of days in the Month, and Paid Days of an employee. Just below the header rows, you can see 18 rows and 3 columns that include salary details per month and per annum. The salary details have a gross salary, basic allowance, HRA, special allowance, medical allowance, uniform allowance, conveyance, city compensatory allowance, PF employee contribution, ESI, PT, Net Salary, PF employer contribution, ESI employer contribution, and Current cost to the Company. Among these, rows denoting Salary details, Gross Salary, Net salary and current cost to the company particularly given with pink color while the rest of the details remain in plain white.

Salary slip format as per factory act:

Free Download Salary Slip Format

The salary slip is mainly divided into three separate tables. The first table is for NuQ demo. The second table has four individual columns for description, units, earnings, and deductions. The description section includes basic pay, travel allowance, medical aid, discovery vitality, a loan with interest and balance amount, provident fun, UIF employee contribution, tax regular earnings, tax fringe benefits, and tax allowances. Just below the second table, a long row denotes the net pay of the employee. The third table has three columns with several rows that describe year to date values, fringe benefits, employer’s contribution, and some miscellaneous details.

Salary slip format as per payment of wages act:

Free Download Salary Slip Format

The salary slip constitutes a dedicated long row on the top followed by three columns to denote Employee No, Employee Name, and Date. Just below, you have two columns for payment and deductions. The payment section includes Basic Rate, Salary paid, OT, Rounding, PH Allowance, and a Grand total. Likewise, the deductions include EPF, Socso, Lateness, and its overall total. Once again, you will be able to see two columns separated into This Period and Year to Date. Under “This Period” Section, you would get Al Balance, MC balance, Employer EPF, Employer Socso, Total Gross pay, and Total Deduction Pay. At last, Payroll No, and Net pay is given.

Salary slip format bank:

Free Download Salary Slip Bank

The salary slip for Bank has a long row at the top with bold letters. Then, we have separate rows for Name, Class, and Date on the right side. Towards the left, we have individual rows for Total points earned, Total points possible and percentage. Now, we provide the separate table for employee’s information including Employee name, Employee number, check number, check amount, and Employee address. Just below, you will be able to notice four individual columns for Pay Type Gross Pay, deductions, current, and year-to-date. At last, we have the Grand Total. The payslip looks mesmerizing because of its white and lavender color combination.

Salary slip format basic:

Free Download Salary Slip Format Basic

The salary slip has the company’s essential information like company name, address, and contact number at the top left, whereas an individual space is left for placing company logo at top right. Just below, you can see a long row giving pay slip for the particular month & year. There are now columns but pay slip divides into three individual sections. At first, you will get Employee name, designation, department, and salary month. The second section includes company ID, Phones, and Terms to the right and Comments, Date, P.O number in the left. And finally, the third section includes your salary details followed by Net salary.

Salary slip format BPO:

Free Download Salary Slip BPO

The salary slip features Company Name, Address, and Logo at the top. Then, we have two tabular columns. The first one has four columns to give information about an employee like working days, employee name, father’s name, PAN, Joining date, PF no, ESI no, Net payable days, branch, designation, department, pay mode, bank name, and account no. Here, the color combination of white and lavender is pretty beautiful. The second table has six columns to provide you salary details like Earning and Deductions. We have a long row having Net Pay details beneath the second table. The net pay describes in both numerical and words.

Salary slip format for bank loan:

Free Download Salary Slip Bank loan

The salary slip has several rows and columns. All are simply expressed in black and white. As usual, you can notice a long row at the top to denote pay slip for the respective month. Next, we have three columns yet as many rows as possible to give essential details regarding an Employee such as Employee Name, Department, designation, bank name, account types, bank account no, location, payment mode, and joining date. In addition, we also have a training period, leave applicable period, resign date, Pan no, no of working days, no of leaves taken, no of allowed leave, types of leave, allowed leaves, used leaves, balance leaves, no of deducted leaves, payable days, and payable salary. Finally, we have the Net pay formation in bold letters.

Salary slip format for cash payment:

Free Download Salary Slip Template

The salary slip is quite simple yet beautiful. At the top, we have the title “Salary Voucher” given in bold and underlined. Next, we have five rows in total to offer information like date, amount of voucher, details, paid to and paid by. Finally, we have individual signature columns for an employer and an employee. The payslip has typical color – black and white. Instead of messing the pay slip with all the information about the employee and company, the salary slip here is very simple and also easy to go through. When it comes to the cash payment, these details are sound enough.

Salary slip format for central government employees:

Free Download Salary Slip Format

The salary slip is quite interesting for central government employees. On top, we have individual space for filling Employee ID, name, designation, department, and increment date. Just below, we have earning section and Deductions. The earning section further divides into six rows and four columns to give information like the basic pay, dearness allowance, NPNA days, special allowance, and DA on special allow. The deductions have eight rows and four columns to offer details such as income tax, rent recovery, professional tax, festival advance, DCPS, and point of presence. The letters are bolded in black with white background.

Salary slip format for contract employee:

Free Download Salary Slip Format

For contract employees, pay slip for contract employees header is marked in blue color under which you have some general information like year, month, name, social security number, telephone number, address, postcode, company, the employee no, date of payment, account no, salary period, and tax title. Just below, we have six columns individually for ways type, terms, date, quantity, price unit, and amount. Then, we have three rows, and four columns indicating paid holiday, unpaid holiday, saved holiday, Acc. Gross Income, Acc tax, ACC employee’s contribution, tax, tax adjustment, extras, tax survey pay, employee’s contribution, and personal fee. At we have details about total hours of work, remaining time, absence, and completely leave.

Salary slip format for contract employee 2:

Free Download Salary Slip template

For contract employees, the salary slip features background in the grey color that looks very simple and unique. On top, you have company information like name, address, and contact number to the left side whereas company logo to the right side. Next, we have the name of the employee and the period of payment. Then, we have much more rows and columns denoting the salary details of an employee. The letters are bolded in black color. A single salary slip is sound enough to give everything about an employee including his or her standard working day in a particular month, standard working hours on daily basis, training rate, basic pay for a month, daily pay rate, and pay rate per hour.

Salary slip format for hotel industry:

Free Download Salary Slip Format Hotel

When it comes to the hotel industry, the salary slip includes a lot of information. At the top, you have your management name together with the address. A single pay slip will give you both monthly salary and annual salary details of an employee. Even, you can able to customize the fields, which appear in the pay slip, according to your requirements. With white background and letters are bolded in black, the pay slip for a particular month includes many rows and columns to give basic details of the employee like Name, payment mode, date of joining, location, PAN, days paid, bank name, designation, departments, PF, arrear days, and account no.

Salary slip format for IT company:

Free Download Pay Slip IT Company

For an IT company, the salary slip looks very simple yet attractive. As usual, the pay slip constitutes information about an employee at the top. It includes an employee’s name, gender, location, location balance, address, mode, EMP code, PF no, and month/year. More often, the net pay details are given at the end of the pay slip. But, here, the net pay is found at the top itself. Just below the essential information of an employee, we have salary details including earnings, regular, arrears, and deductions, which classified into four different columns. Finally, the total amount is offered in a long row.

Salary slip format for labor:

Free Download Pay Slip For Labor

The salary slip does not just provide wage details yet timesheet too. The payslip starts with employee’s essential details like name, employer, the employee no, and payment date. Then, we have three different columns to describe payments, deductions, and to date. Their grand total is embossed in a long dedicated row with net pay in blue color. Just below the wages is time sheet in which we have Employee name, number, and department. The timesheet divides into four different columns having days, start time, finish time, and total hours. At last, we have a calculation for a total number of hours worked for a week and Gross Pay.

Salary slip format for private company:

For a private company, the salary slip has company’s name and logo at the top. Next, we have some important information regarding the employee given in a table column. These include Employee code, department, location, date of birth, date of joining, cost center, designation, gender, and Bank account. Everything is given in black and white combination. In other words, the payslip looks simple but informative. Then, we have six columns divided into several rows giving Earnings amount and Deductions amount, which is followed by their grand total. At last, Net pay is provided both in numbers and in words.

Salary slip format for school teachers:

Free Download Pay Slip School Teachers

The payslip features the name and address of the school at the top in bold letters. In the left corner of the top, we have the school logo too. Next, we have Employee Name, Employee ID, designation, Pan Number, and scale. Now, we have four different columns that give number details about earnings, deductions, recoveries of the loan, and out/acct did, which are then followed by the grand total. Just below the grand total, we have Gross pay and Net Pay details. Finally, we have the bank account details together with IFS code. Everything describes in bold black letters with white backdrop except the location of the school, which given in orange color.

Salary slip format for security guard:

Free Download Pay Slip Security Guard

For a security guard, the pay slip is quite distinct compared to other salary slip formats. You have a company name as a header with the statement of monthly income. Next, we have four columns for the period covered, pay grade, employee ID, and Pay delivery. Then, we have columns for birthdates of Member, beneficiary spouse, and youngest child. To the right, we have SBP information. Just below, you have amounts for entitlements, retired, and CRDP with total entitlements and allotments. Deduction information is also given in the right side of the column. At last, we have bank and tax details that include both federal tax and state taxes.

Salary slip format for small organization:

Free Download Pay Slip Small Oraganisation

The salary slip for small organization features the company name with bold letters and underlined. Given below are the employee names, paydays, and pay the month. Then, we have four columns divided into much more rows describing the payroll earnings and payroll deductions. Payroll earnings include basic salary, House rent allowance, conveyance, utility allowance, bonus, education allowance, car allowance, leave encasement, maintenance allowance, and much more. On the other hand, payroll deductions include income tax, professional tax, provided fund, personal loan, and another loan. Here, everything described in black with white background excluding the total basic salary and Gross deductions that are given in dark blue colors.

Salary slip format for temporary workers:

Free Download Pay Slip Temporary workers

For temporary workers, the salary slip features company name in bold letters at the top together with company address, location, and contact number. Next, you have employee name, date, employee ID, job title, job status, and award name. Then, we have 7 columns with a number of rows. The columns include the date, number of hours, the rate per hour, wages, deduction amount, and balance amount. Just below it, you may get your total amount. At last, we have a small tabular column for calculating the deductions amount. Finally, you may get your pay slip by signing your name with a date.

Salary slip format for Visa:

Free Download Pay Slip for Visa

The salary slip starts with the title of Payslip for the respective month under which we have the employee name. Then, we have employee number, function, designation, location, bank detail, date of joining, income tax number, PF account number, ESI number, PR account number, passport details, and visa expiry date. Next, we have Attendance details, no of absent days, and over time marked in different color. We have two separate columns for earning and deduction. To calculate earnings, we include basic pay, HRA, Conveyance, overtime, and variable pay. In the case of deductions, we include canteen deduction, professional tax, salary advance deduction, employee EPF deduction, ESI Deduction, Employee’s NPS deduction. The net pay is given in the end.

Salary slip format for hospital:

Free Download Pay Slip Hospital

On the first sight itself, the salary slip attracts everyone because of the color combination we include in it. The salary slip has company name, address, and logo at the top of the ladder. Just below, you would be able to see Employee Name, address, Employee ID, contact, salary date, and mode of payment. We give two separate columns for earnings and deductions. For earnings, we include regular earnings, overtime, incentive, bonus, maintenance allowance, house rent allowance, education allowance, car allowance, and fuel as well. Deductions include provident fund, income tax, professional tax, and other deductions followed by the Net Salary. We use bright colors to denote the important terms.

Salary slip format for proprietorship firm:

Free Download Pay Slip Format

For proprietorship firm, the salary slip seems to be simple yet equips with all essential information regarding the employee such as Employee ID, department, date of joining, days worked, bank account/cheque number, earned leave, Employee name, designation, PF account number, ESI account number, casual leave, and Father’/husband’s name. There are two columns for calculating deductions and earnings amount. For earning calculation, basic pay, dearness allowance, over time, earned leave, and house rent allowances are included whereas deduction calculation includes employee state insurance, provident fund, and professional tax. Net pay results from the calculation of Earnings and deductions. At last, spaces allows for employer and employee’s signature.

Salary slip format software company:

Free Download Pay Slip Software Company

For Software Company, the salary slip features the company name and address at the top in bold letters. Next, we have the payslip information for the respective month followed by Employee details including Employee name, Employee ID, department, designation, pay date, date of joining, PF account number, ESI account number, days worked, and bank account or check number. To calculate earnings and deductions, two separate columns are given with essential details like basic pay, dearness allowance, conveyance allowance, medical allowance, house rent allowance, food allowance, professional tax, provident fund, employee state, and insurance details. Below the tabular columns, we have total earnings and net pay details with the signature of the employer and employees below.

Salary slip format TCS:

Free Download Pay Slip Format TCS

The salary slip constitutes a long row indicating the name of the employee below which you have Employee details and payment details. Employee details include employee no, Designation, grade, and Pan Number, while the payment details include bank name, account number, days paid, and leave balance. To calculate net pay, there are two tabular columns for earnings and deductions including both current and arrears. Under earnings, you will have a basic salary, conveyance house rent allowance, medical, variable allowance, travel allowance, special allowance, and miscellaneous. Deductions include provident fund, professional tax, income tax, and TCS welfare tax. A grand total of both will be given in the end.

Salary slip format for whom it may concern:

Free Download Pay Slip Template

Just below the Company address and email ID, the salary slip features the title of “To Whom It May Concern”. Rather than a salary slip, we format in such a way to look like a certificate. Specific spaces allotted for entering the employee’s name, and father’s name together with the national identity number. Then, we have salary details and deduction details in separate columns. To calculate salary, two columns and four rows are given with basic salary details, house rent details, convenience allowance, and SRN. For deduction details, we give two columns and three rows with states income tax details, EOB, and total deduction amount. At last, we have total payable salary with HR signature and CEO signature.

Salary slip mail format:

Free Download Pay Slip Mail Format

The salary slip has the company name at the top in bold letters. Just below, you can see the pay slip for the concerned month and year. Now, you will find details like Employee name, department, location, email address, bank, branch, and bank account. There are four columns available for calculating allowances and deductions. For allowances, we include basic pay, over time, sales commission, house rent allowance, conveyance, utility, night allowance, food allowance, medical allowance, fuel allowance, arrears, transport allowance, and bonuses. For deductions, we include income tax, provident fund, pension fund, transport, loan deductions, and salary adjustment. Finally, we have gross pay allowances and total deductions details with the Net pay.

Reasons why a salary slip is essential

Payslip or salary slip is just a piece of paper, which records the salary of an individual. As pay slip is an essential document, every person may require the pay slip for many different purposes. Also referred to as wage slips, an individual may need to display the pay slip while looking for a new job. In other words, a pay slip will serve as an evidence of the salary, which an individual receives from his or her employer. In addition, a salary slip becomes an essential document when it comes to applying for a loan or mortgage by that individual.
Therefore, every employee should keep safe possession of his or her pay slip because losing it may incur serious trouble in the future. Since your essential information including your residential address mentioned on the payslip, it acts a strong evidence of your authenticity and in turn, releases your loan easily when you approach a financial institution for any kind of economic assistance like mortgage loans or vehicle finances. It will also help you know the deduction of the month and break up of your pay. The employer offers these slips to the individuals who are working under him when he pays them.

The mandatory information included in a wage slip includes:
• Employer’s name & ABN
• Employee’s Name
• Enterprise Agreement
• Amount Paid to the Employee
• Employment period
• Payment Date
• The amount with & without tax deduction
• tax deduction

You can also include further informative details on your wage slip as per your preference. Some other details include the Overtime you have done, bonus amount, incentives, and commission you earned or any other information about your pension. These added details on a salary slip are considered as payslip extras, which you can avail by requesting the concerned organization.

The payslip holds no value legally it is not duly stamped or signed by the employer. In fact, the wage slips clubbed under three main categories and they are payslips printed on single sheets through Laser or Dot Matrix printers or they are security pay slips, which sealed in a security envelope. These salary slips are just like a credit or debit cards pin numbers sent by the bank.

An individual may have chances to face several troubles if he or she loses his or her payslips. If you wish to avoid such troubles, you must contact a company providing duplicate pay slips. While generating a duplicate pay slip, the individual should be aware of offering all the essential information. This is because; most the corporate companies and financial institutions reject the pay slips, which do not hold all the essential information.